High Tech Stocks

  • We exclusively use High Tech Stocks!
    All stocks are “custom made” by skilled technicians using advance formula epoxy resins selected for maximum strength and durability. The stock is made with continuous multi-stage layers of “e-glass” fiberglass with reinforcement in critical areas. The action area is a solid epoxy and glass composite yielding very high tensile and compression strength. The stock is made by pressure lamination with mold parting lines on the top and bottom. Structural urethane foam is used in the butt and forearm to reduce weight and maintain strength. Each stock is individually “handcrafted” and our stocks are built with an emphasis on quality, not quantity. Our 20 years of stock building experience produces an end result in a stock that looks, feels, fits and performs like it was intended.
  • Bedding:
    Our stocks are constructed with a front aluminum bedding block and a pillar in the rear during production, which both mechanically and chemically locks the bedding to the stock and contributes significantly to accuracy.
  • Design:
    Stocks have a slender wrist section, “Classic” dimensions, with as high a comb as possible and very little drop at the heel – average 9/16 of an inch. 
  • Recoil:
    Due to the internal construction of our stocks, they do not transmit energy in the same manner as wood or injection molded stocks. The structural urethane foam making up the inner core changes the time duration over which energy is transmitted to the shooter. Spreading the energy transmission over a longer period of time contributes to less felt recoil on the shooter.
  • Length of Pull (LOP):
    Our stocks have standard full length of pull of approximately 14". 
  • Sling Swivel Studs:
    High Tech stocks are factory equipped with sling swivel studs. These studs are backed with internal aluminum anchors molded into the stock for maximum strength.